Covid Measures


Dear Guests,

The Covid-19 pandemic has effected us all. We are working very hard to provide a safe environment for guests to enjoy their stay; your health is our upmost priority.

We are following the French government guidelines to ensure we adhere to the sanitary measures so we create a safe environment for our guests and ourselves.

For your peace of mind we would like to share with you our hygiene measures to welcome you safely before during and after your stay.

We will be wearing a mask throughout your stay and ask that you bring a mask with you.

Hydro alcoholic gel is made available upon entering the house and in the common area.

During summer of 2020 we have opened three of our four bedrooms. For winter 2020/21 we will be opening all four rooms.

We use cleaning and disinfecting products which eliminate microbes (bacteria and viruses) deep cleans, respects users and surfaces.

Sanitary protocol of your room:

The room will have been dusted, vacuumed, floors washed and aeration of the room.

The room will not have been occupied for a minimum of 24 hours before your stay.

Change of bed linen, towels and floor mats. Disinfection, bed, sinks, showers, handles and switches with different microfiber cloths for each room.

During your stay:

Cleaning every two days (to avoid cross-contamination), disinfection of sanitary facilities, sinks, showers, handles, making beds and emptying rubbish bins. We will not clean if you do not want your room to be cleaned.

Sanitary in common areas:

Daily cleaning, disinfection of all contact points: handles, stair railings, switches, vacuum cleaner and floor washing.

Ventilate the chalet by providing regular ventilation by opening windows at least 10 to 20 minutes morning and evening.

Laundry care:

A professional laundry maintains the linen, this company guarantees us the washing of sheets, pillowcases at least 60 °

On our side, we wash on the spot towels and bath sheets, also at 60 °

Breakfast summer

Breakfast will be individualised and per room (the buffet part is taken away)
You will have a dedicated place during your stay; your breakfast will be served there each morning.

The large breakfast table will be limited to two rooms on the large table (distance> 2 meters) and one room on the small table
We have reduced our physical contact with you but we will still be available by phone.

Breakfast and Evening meal winter

Breakfast and dinner by group or per room (the buffet part is taken away)

You will have a dedicated place during your stay; your breakfast and dinner will be served here each day.

Communal Areas

Chalet Carnauba is a very spacious chalet, with two sitting areas and a large dining area; it’s a very big space for 8 guests.

We ask that you respect a social distance of one metre whilst in the chalet (unless part of a group).

The kitchen part is closed to our customers.

Please be aware that our Covid-19 sanitary measures have been applied for summer of 2020, this may be subject to change in accordance with French government guidelines.

We look forward to welcoming you to Chalet Carnauba.

Matthew & Samantha Sheridan
Alpine Descents
Chalet Carnauba
922 Route du Linga
74390 Châtel
0033 (0)450 16 01 64
0033 (0)633 59 88 95